Lesbian Dad

Last day to nominate whomever you like

You know, any ole lesbian blog that strikes your fancy. Not sayin’ this one, necessarily. I’m just posting a friendly reminder.

From the looks of things (not based on scientific count, by the way, but a casual perusal), two reallly well-written blogs look to be head-to-head with equally copious and feverishly dedicated nominators. Hahn at Home and This Girl Called Automatic Win have motivated bases, or what have you, and for good reason.

Also much nominated is Sugarbutch Chronicles, Dorothy Surrenders, Suburban Lesbian Housewife, and the national treasure, Pam’s House Blend. Again, not a scientific count, just a perusal. The scientific count comes on February 18, when the voting begins.

I’ve had a fun time discovering these and other blogs via the nominations, and whichever blogs make it to the voting process, we all win. The fact that all these people writing these things are lesbians is close to the only thing they have in common. And that they’re online.

All power to the lesbian nation.

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