Sick boy

Sick boy sleeps now, heals
Meanwhile, my sister’s firstborn
Keeps distant vigil

2 Responses to Sick boy

  1. Studying Stones November 29, 2007 at #

    Poor kid, I hope he feels better soon. How’s the lil’ monkey feeling?

    FYI, sinus infections are going around so if they aren’t feeling better (aka if their noses don’t stop running) some antibiotics might be needed.

    Take care of yourself! 🙂

  2. LesbianDad November 29, 2007 at #

    Thank you. Lil’ monkey is back to 100%. Sniffles notwithstanding.

    And thanks for the sinus infection intel — we’re going to take the little guy in to the Dr’s this afternoon.

    As to me: ah yes! Parent, heal thyself! Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping others! Etc. Hard to remember, but ever so important.

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