7 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 10.27.07”

  1. What a cutie! Can’t beat the dimples! Whoa be unto you when he figures out how to use them for evil.
    You know… we get to see all these beautiful pics of the little kidlets, but I feel that I am finally emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually ready to see what Mama and Baba look like. How about a picture featuring the parental units? Whadayasay?

    Ansett in the Midwest

  2. Yer tellin me about using them for evil. I will rue the day. No thing and no one will be immune from his powers, etc.

    I should say that, as anyone knows who’s the Designated Family Photographer (always behind the camera; rarely in front of it), it’s easy to indulge my modesty. But hey! Who am I to disappoint! I sez, hurtle over the shyness and give the people what they want! Or Ansett what she wants!

    Behold, me in a frock coat. Okay, a PhotoShopped me in a frock coat, which I whipped up for a comment back on some post about a Beatrix Potter book.:

    And here’s the beloved’s most recent head shot:

    Glam, eh? Though she doesn’t always have that laquered look.

    Okay, but seriously. Here’s a nice straightforward lovey dovey family shot at the lil’ monkey’s first Dyke Day in SF two years ago. No laquered sweetie; no PhotoShop.

    Mac's first Dyke Day @ Dolores Park, SF

    Don’t know if that’s emotionally or spiritually or intellectually discombobulating, but there you have it. As my old friend and erstwhile housemate Tammy used to say, “Voila and viola!”

  3. Gorgeous. Thanks!

    I was just talking with a woman yesterday about why some folks put up pics of their kids but won’t show themselves. Your kid shots are fantastic, but it’s nice to see the family adults as well.

  4. Adorable! Thanks for sating everyone’s curiousity.

    Head shots are such a strange and interesting art form. I have one of Jill’s, which she rejected as unusable, framed on the mantel. The official ones, I mostly find so stilted and as you put it, laquered.

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