APB: Code Pink’s Mother’s Day Actions

“Remember the dead: Resist the War,” from MatthewBradley’s Flickr photostream.

I imagine the enlightened readership of this here blog is well aware of the genuine, pacifist origins of Mother’s Day. I’ll reprint Julia Ward Howe’s 1870 Mother’s Day Proclamation on the day proper, and just note here that Code Pink is organizing Mother’s Day actions (as they have in past years), in DC and across the country.

Here’s how you can find a Mother’s Day event near you.

And finally, here’s a Mother’s Day Call for Bay Areans (Bay Area-ites? you know, folks in the SF Bay Area) from the kind of lesbian mom that Sarah Schulman might have been comforted to know about last year, when she misunderestimated (!) some of our activist capacities.

[Further reading & food for thought: A September 2005 essay by Judith Stadtman Tucker, “Motherhood made me do it! or, How I became an activist”]

5 thoughts on “APB: Code Pink’s Mother’s Day Actions”

  1. Howdy on back! Ever a thrill to see the words “avid” and “reader” and “your blog” all together in the same sentence. Of course I’m a huge fan of NGLTF. I worked an LGBT youth leadership conference years ago (summer 1990), and after Urvashi Vaid spoke, everyone either wanted to be her, or do her, or both. Thanks for the brokeback link newsflash.

  2. Thanks for the information about Code Pink. Between that and the Moms Rising events it seems that Mother’s Day is rediscovering its activist roots.

    Might I caution you, however, not to use the term “Bay Arean” out loud? Could be an unfortunately misconstrued homonym.

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