Last days

We’re not the only ones to feel the poignancy of the time.

I can’t decide whether the coming of her sibling represents a betrayal of our undivided attention — which of course it is — or a blessing, since a (would be) life-long companion is coming her way.

As with almost every either/or question, I suspect the proper answer is: both/and.

3 thoughts on “Last days”

  1. thank you for the beautiful pictures!

    Last night, Rosie (Zoe’s mommy) and I were talking about how the conflicts of toddlerhood can seem to force parents into one of two choices:
    1) deprive your little one of what she wants; or
    2) give in to her wants, which may cause her pain or trouble in the long run.
    She doesn’t want to take a nap! She just wants jam for dinner! She wants to go out in the cold without a coat! etc.

    Sometimes you can’t avoid the dilemma, but in the best moments, the choice is a false one; all these moments of conflict are opportunities for the little one to learn about something, become more independent, work on her impulse control, develop all the habits of self-mastery that will make her a happy person.

    So I think you are not depriving her. It might *feel* like that sometimes (to both her and to mommies), but I think the reality is that you are bringing her a blessing and a gift!

  2. being the second child i know that when a sibling arrives – the parents love mutiplies, it doesn’t divide. so yes, she won’t be the only one anymore, but that doesn’t really change how much you’ll love her.

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