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Fifteen minutes of flame

Punky w/H20-melon, Warholized
You, too, can “Warholize” your images right ‘chere. The knock-off above came from an image that looked something like this before the Warholizer got to it.

Because our household has enough frayed nerves to duck tape together, what with the pregnant one of us getting pregnanter and pregnanter by the hour (yes, it’s the eighth month marathon), I am very anti-fray. However, Fray Happens, and its dark shadow has passed over the otherwise gleeful and good-spirited Weblog Awards popularity pageant (still ongoing, lord help us, until Friday night, 11:59 EST).

I would dignify, embolden, and otherwise broadcast said fray, were I to repeat it here. But I do want to send a wee Buddhist bow of gratitude in the direction of the folks over at Hertz (this would be Avis over here) for pulling the plug on the abovementioned fray. [Later note: the blog to which I refer as Hertz — the then front-runner blog in the Awards competition — wiped their site of all posts relating to the Weblog Awards soon after the voting ended. So the link goes to a dead-end, alas.]

If none of this makes sense because you were watching another channel up until now, never mind. Just click the link up there on the Warholizer thing and play around until your boss walks up behind you and tells you to get back to work.

[Coda: interesting bit putting the blogular impulse in perspective, by that nice young man Andrew Sullivan.]

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