Lesbian Dad

Girls will be girls

Here’s a coloring book/zine that goes nicely with the spirit of the above image: Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls. Should be in every self-respecting lesbian dad’s kiddie book collection. Heck, everybody’s kiddie book collection, man. More gender liberatory coloring books from the artists here, at girlsnotchicks.com. E.g.:

Post-election addendum

Not surprisingly, Berkeley and San Francisco vote to urge Bush’s impeachment! San Francisco was one of two Bay Area cities in which voters could call for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to be impeached. Neither San Francisco voters nor their counterparts in Berkeley passed up the chance — San

Goddess bless America

The teeth gnashing, knuckle nibbling, and coffee stirrer shredding begins as we watch what happens when majority rules a nation in which we – here, “we” being LGBT parents – are now and ever will be in the numeric minority. At a time in which the legal and social security

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