Score one more for the hetero ally column

A rousing cheer for hetero ally par excellence, author of the blog Disney Wonder Baby. She “totally support[s] lesbian couples as mothers and here’s why.”

I was directed to this site by a note about it, a fantastic site parsing and listing scads and scads of lesbo family blogs and more. One of its blog categories is “Supportive Hetero Family Blogs,” of which there are a dozen (& counting). Check ’em out.

Hell I’m so pro-ally I’m making a little blog category for it (what else? “Go hetero ally go!”). So’s I can arrange all the happy posts referencing hetero allys and look at them in a grouping from time to time, and sigh contentedly about how AMOR VINCIT OMNIA, people.

[Update: The publisher of Babes in Blogland, to which the Disney Wonder Baby gal referred in her post, recently set up an LGBT bloggers category. The site in general is a compendium of bloggers who are making or raising babies.]

6 thoughts on “Score one more for the hetero ally column”

  1. Hey there, I run the site (Babes in Blogland) that DWB was discussing in her entry. I’d like to welcome you to join my blogroll listings — just clue me in to child #1’s birth month and year and your partner’s EDD, if you would. I did a cursory search here on your site but couldn’t find the info (and yes, no doubt it’s RIGHT THERE like on the header or something, but I couldn’t find it).

    Muchas gracias!

  2. Thank you, S! Will do, for kid #1 & kid #2 (still en route). I will happily update the post, too, to reflect your new LGBT category. And bless you for that little “embrace diversity” flag thingy in the upper right corner!

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