Lesbian Dad

Le mot, juiced

One of the most descriptive anecdotes about my Pops, per his position on my lesbianism, dates back to a bookstore visit we made in the mid-1980s. I had been out to myself for several years, but to my parents for only a short while, and they still daydreamed about it

I can wait longer than you can

Oh sure, she used the potty daily after it first arrived. I mean, she asked for it, by name. The thrill wore off 72 hrs later. Now it’s a waiting game. It’s The Treasure of Sierra Madre, and we’re all sitting around the campfire, watching who’ll nod off first. She

Rainbow kids will save the day

At San Francisco’s LGBT Pride, June 26, 2005. So the first, I’m sure henceforth annual, Blogging for LGBT Families Day seems to have been a rollicking success. As of Friday morning, June 2, 120 blogs sent a shout out about queer parenthood. [Update as of June 8: 133.] Reading the

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