Lesbian Dad

Accesorized @ Pride

Beads courtesy DadDad, who got ’em flinged at him by some scantily clad lads on a float. Tatoo from Queerspawn. T-shirt, by Baba, reading: AMOR VINCIT OMNIA. Sticker by COLAGE. Not pictured here: rainbow painted on left cheek by Our Family Coalition/COLAGE volunteer face painter, & DIY tie-dye T-shirt.

Jizoo Boodah

Lil’ Monkey’s most favorite talisman at the moment is the Jizo Bodhisattva. She has a hard time with the mouthful “bodhisattva,” and has settled on the misnomer “Buddha”; “Jizo” itself comes out more like “Jizoo.” [Update: “bodhisattva” is now approximated by “bodhi’s office.”] Jizoo Boodah has a swing to it,

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