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In the Words of Our Children: Supreme Court, Take Note

Marriage=AmiciCuriaeWe’re on the eve of the United States Supreme Court’s hearing arguments for and against marriage equality. Tuesday is Prop 8’s day in court, Wednesday DOMA takes the stand. The consequences, regardless of their ruling (expected in late June), will be significant, wherever you live. (Freedom to Marry’s got a useful all-on-one-page primer.)

Nearly a month ago, when all the friend of the court (or Amicus) briefs were being submitted to the Supreme Court, a half a dozen organizations submitted one on behalf of the youth–the people, usually seen in ads but rarely truly heard, in whose best interests these marriage laws are supposed to be working.

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Same Love

If you haven’t seen this beautiful seven minute paean, here you go. Then, in a little over seven minutes from now, go to Washington United for Marriage and figure out how you can help, either by connecting to folks you know in WA, or by sending support from afar. THIS, folks, this is the election during which we turn the tide of hate. It’s about time.

Remember this gem from Australia?

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I’ll Take Obama’s Symbolic Gesture, Thank You Very Much!

UntitledPundits and analysts are actively working over yesterday’s statement by President Obama that “same-sex couples should be able to get married.” It was calculated! It was a cynical attempt to recoup lost demographics he needs to get elected! He just wants to motivate a lackluster base!

You know what? He said it, and that’s what matters to me. Because for me, and for millions and millions of other LGBT Americans (and the friends and family who know and love them), no matter how he got to that statement or why, he said it. I still got to hear those words come out of his mouth. It matters that a sitting president has, for the first time in history, recognized my rights to provide my family equal protection under the law.

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‘Nuff said.

Not like there’s not more to say, but because I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard I am having so many simultaneous cows.

I’ll add links and maybe even full sentences below as/ if I can above, in a snippet of a post I published over at my workplace (do visit in its entirety, if you can!). Meanwhile hie thee to your favorite news or commentary source because this is the news of the hour, day, week, and hopefully, ELECTION.

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Choosing love over everything

I got a note this morning from my kids’ “grandbaba” Sandy, herself no stranger to Salon, alerting me to a piece by Mary Elizabeth Williams there: A homophobic mayor’s lesson in love.

Michigan mother Amy Weber addresses Troy, MI’s proudly heterosexist mayor with the kind of loving, measured, dead-on appeal to decency that any of us would want to make, on our best days:

“I always like to think of challenges like this as opportunities to grow,” she said, introducing her children to the assembly. Weber went on to explain that in her family, “We talk every day about different families and different types of people, and teaching respect and kindness. That is the heart that beats in our home. It’s about being kind, about choosing love over everything.” She then showed drawings that the girls had done for Daniels with the words “love” on them. Weber even added, “I would love to see you at the next gay pride parade, leading the march, saying … these are my brothers and sisters just like everybody else.”

Here’s her brief testimony:

Check out Williams’ post for more.

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