Lesbian Dad

We are family

GranBaba with the daughter Who’s GranBaba? My kid’s blood Gramma’s butchie lesbo sweetie, who else? I was recently asked the following: what’s your take on half siblings? other kids from the same donor.. not a part of your family.. who are such lil ppl to you.. or to lil monkey..

Jenny Holzer for the kiddles

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium: a room in which a school of fish (do I remember what kind? er, no) perpetually swim in a circle. Like the Jenny Holzer truisms that play in an endless L.E.D. stripe around the room in some of her installations. Only, well, they’re fish. Is

Solidarity forever

  Every time I look at our daughter and some new hi-jink that she’ got herself up to, I run through a quick series of thoughts, which go something like: (1) O my god that was impossibly adorable &/or amazing. Then (2) I have to share this with somebody (i.e.

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