Lesbian Dad

Another one for the MacGyverism file

“Straw– went– in. Straw– went– in.” So went the plaintive cry from the back seat. “She probably pulled it out. Just throw it away,” said the frequently impatient–but boy is she productive!–Other Parent, as she exited the vehicle for speed-errand #7 in a series. “Heh heh” sez I, knowing a

Howdy KFAI listeners!

Here’s info about the book and the book reading Amie Klempnauer Miller and I were talking about during the Fresh Fruit interview with Leigh Combs, Thursday evening, July 13th. Confessions of the Other Mother: Nonbiological Lesbian Moms Tell All Amazon Bookstore event info C’mon by and schmooze with us! This

back up that-away
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