Making restaurant patrons ever so slightly uncomfortable in Santa Nella, CA.

He could just as soon be searching in vain for my daily posts for National Blog Posting Month. Which, around these parts, sputtered and degraded into National Blog Sporadically Posting Month, or NaBloSpoPoMo.

All the same, lard love me, I’m still up on the horse. Even if it has paused to pee. And the rest of the herd has long since galloped by.

2 Responses to Goggle-eyed

  1. kels November 22, 2011 at #

    Adorable. The boy you portray in these photos reminds me so very much of my now-grown younger brother.

  2. Lesbian Dad November 22, 2011 at #

    Welcome, sister! And wow! Your brother sure is grown! (Just had a peek at your wonderful blog and the love-knit family whose stories it’s telling.) My son isn’t going to get that tall, is he? And ever actually marry someone? Who’s not me? (Wait. No. You can’t have an Oedipus narrative when the mother is a lesbian, much less a lesbian dad. Back to the drawing board.)

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