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The stash, Berkeley, CA. I used to think stationary supply fetishes were hereditary. What with my mom’s, and then of course mine. But the little guy is proving I should not discount the powerful effect of environment, either. What with, you know, his. His out-of-town auntie asked what to get

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Kitchen countertop TV, Berkeley, CA. I know. “What’s this?” you ask. It’s the spiffy hand-me-down TV we now have in our kitchen to accompany Baba’s fitful late night clean up sessions. The dishes just fly by! When it’s on, it’s pretty much only tuned into Dr. Maddow’s news analysis. What

Baba is butch

Never simply late when I can be egregiously late, I am filing this mid-December response to Sinclair Sexmith’s call, posted at Sugarbutch in late October, for thoughtful responses to the following prompt: What is butch? How do you define butch? What do you love about it? What does it mean

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