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My desktop, 3:15pm PST. [Ed note: re-edited to read in forward chronological sequence. I’m not so used to incessantly updating a post with breaking news stuff; sorry.] _________________________________ Senator Bernie Sanders gives representative democracy a swift kick in the pants by mounting an EIGHT INTO NINE HOUR, AS OF THIS

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Playground afternoon, Berkeley, CA. Yeah, I got the Lo-Mob app dealie and started to fiddle around with wayward archival pictures on the iPhone. If I were a bona fide professional photographer, I don’t know what I’d be doing over the ease with which the untutored masses are approximating visual effects

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Wishful thinking, Berkeley, CA. We had some folks over the other day for a caroling party (see 6 of 31, which provides a visual of but one of the dozens of merrymakers, an old friend without whom the halls would have been a whole lot less decked). Somebody saw this

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