31 of 31


Sunset out our window, Berkeley, CA.

You may find it hard to believe, but honestly, I didn’t tinker with the color on this. No “boost,” no “saturate,” no nothing. Mother Nature’s pulled-taffy splendor, which of course is splendor enough.

Thank you for coming along for this month’s ride. I didn’t always get a picture up each day; a coupla times holiday merry-making backed them up a day and they came tumbling in all in a clump. A violent reaction to my brother-in-law’s lobster risotto threw my posting off another time. But it has been a huge treat for me.

During the first week of the new year I’ll do two compilation posts rounding up LD 2010: one featuring (my idea of) the best prose post per month; another featuring (my idea of) the best photo posts, hopefully way more than a dozen, since I recently figured out how to set pictures to music for a slide show and I want to do that. (For my next trick, I’m going to learn how to shuffle cards!) [Later note: bumped out of the first week and into the second by an important & extended plea for Kickstarter funding for the film Pariah!]

More than any other in recent memory, I am optimistic about this coming year, and really eager to see what it has in store. I found myself saying to someone recently, “Other than global warming, the expanding gulf between the haves and the have-nots, the rise of fundamentalisms, and the sorry-ass Democrats not getting their shizzy together, I feel pretty good about 2011.” I hope you have every reason to feel the same, and look forward to conspiring together toward that end, in our own little virtual way.

5 thoughts on “31 of 31”

    • Thank you thank you thank you! And a most happy new year back to you and your clan.

      I share your high hopes (re: the return to bloggery sticks for good this time). Lobster is now referred to as “The L-Word” around these parts, and will be henceforth approached by me only in a haz-mat suit and a clenched jaw.

  1. Oh. *sigh* Lobster. I share your pain – probably literally. Haven’t been able to ingest it since I was 8 – old enough to know what I was missing. Stay strong, and I’ll send you a recipe for a better-than-nothing fake.

    On an unrelated note: thank you for putting “fundamentalism” in the plural, once again proving to me your insightfulness. May your optimism prove every bit as compelling – to the universe at large.

    • And happy on back, Bryna! Thanks for the thanks. It was truly my pleasure. A good way to burn some of the gunk out of the engine, as it were.

      Rev, thank you for the “L-word” compassion. And for the nod re: fundamentalisms. Your esteem means a lot. I taught Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale in an intro Women’s Studies class in the early 1990s, and thought at the time how unlikely it was that we’d be in a cashless society with damaged fertility ruled by a fundamentalist theocracy. Her setting was North America, but she had her eye on fundamentalisms everywhere, I believe. Hard to find a continent on this planet not at least nicked (if not scarred) by it in whichever of the forms it assumes. I hope her distopia was a cautionary and not a predictive one. Either way, seems to me that optimism is the best path. How else we gonna strengthen the proverbial “love wolf” if we don’t feed it?

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