Lesbian Dad

He’s a versatile guy

Like the post two weeks back, when it was all pictures even though I had so much of a story I wanted to tell in words.








…Aaaaand he’s off.

The above black crepe number has been his preferred nightgown for days.  Though it often doubles as daytime wear as well.  Most days he prefers a skirt, with or without the smart pants look underneath.  Depends on the weather.  He has great legs; both looks are really good on him.

A post one day about how his haberdashery peregrinations teach us stuff about ourselves (our fears, our shame, our naescent courage, or rather that which we try our best to develop), and how we try to navigate it all.  At such time as I can spend some time writing it.  In the meantime you can find much rich rich stuff already writ at Labels Are For Jars, plus at the blogs in the blogroll she keeps.  I, along with so many parents, began reading her blog with one level of interest, and then as our son began to grow older and express his own active desires for his full self, I went back into it, now much closer to the edge of my seat.  We all need each other.

Meanwhile, don’t even get me started about the only daily fashion choice of his that actually does give a frickin’ hernia: the diapers.  Really.  We had talked about him letting them go when he turned three.  Then a few days before his third birthday he was all, “Psyche!  I meant when I was five!”

We persist in believing that it’s better for our children to be anal expressive than anal retentive.  Meaning, I guess, that we are deluding ourselves into thinking that the loosey-goosey approach will pay dividends when they start having relationships with sweeties as young adults? And they process their feelings? And find that, well, they’re freely expressive? And not retentive?

No, really. Don’t get me started with the diapers.  Clearly we’re in the dark here.

On a cheery note, though, we took the same tack with the older sister — encouraged her regularly, had her watch her older cousins to see what fun they were having with it all, told her that at some point at preschool they may just mysteriously run out of their diaper supply (enablers!).  But when she was ready, she was ready.  Never wet a bed. Never looked back. Like a bird taking flight from a nest.

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