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Weekend bonus shot, 01.17.10

“Martin Luther King Jr, Birmingham Alabama, 1963,” by Ernst Haas. One of my favorite photographs of Dr. King. Given the year and the setting (a jail), I think we can be fairly sure this was not just any jail, but a Birmingham one, and that the text being passed was


Certainly you know of the calamity in Haiti. [Constantly updated Wikipedia page here.] Here’s the whole of Bitch,Ph.D.’s post Help Haiti: If you are among the many who wish there was something you could do to help Haitians right now, here is some advice in choosing organizations to support. Short version:

Greetings from Broccoli, CA

As I quipped on Twitter the other day — and that’s pretty much the main thing you can do on Twitter, quip: 3 kinds of menopause. Angry kind. Weepy kind. And chuck the broccoli over yer shoulder into the kitchen when yer son refuses to eat it kind. Then I

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