Lesbian Dad

Yep! It’s soup for lunch, again!

I missed this earlier piece from our gal Dana at the Mombian desk. Seems Campbell Soup Co. has marketed to the LGBT market, with an ad featuring two lesbian moms (pro chefs, it turns out) serving up some tasty soupy vittles to their son.  So far, so placid, right? Well, surprise surprise,

What you like to see when you sneak up on your kids

We’ve turned a corner.  He is now “mock reading” alongside his sister.  They spend minutes on end like this. Sure, he’s also still running around in circles, slapping his behind, chanting “shakeyabooty.”  More frequently than I would like, he succumbs to his temptation to try to swat the cat.  He

Stumping for some friends

So I’ve been in not so fine fettle lately.  I could go on about my woes (have done so in a sentence or three following that first one, multiple times, and fortunately for all of us I keep scootching the cursor back over them in fits of discretion). Really they

back up that-away
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