Lesbian Dad

It’s blurry photo week!

Madonna and kids, exiting the Castro Theater, San Francisco, CA. Okay not that Madonna. This week, in a valiant effort to continue to post fresh content here when I am feeling a lot more like the cat pictured on the most recent LD Weekend bonus shot, I have decided to

Weekend bonus shot, 10.17.09

T-shirt, Old Sacramento, CA. “A bit frontal,” my playwright mother-in-law might say. This t-shirt jumped out at me when we were strolling around between our visit to the train museum last weekend and our train trip back home. “Jumped out” because (a) it scared the bejeepers out of me, and

Loved boy

Oh, words, not even pictures can begin to capture how much we love this little person. Still I try. Here, we were en route back home after a day’s visit to Sacramento’s California State Railroad Museum. We travelled there on the day we had as a family to celebrate my forty*cough-cough*th

back up that-away
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