For a split-second she actually grimaced at the camera, in an attempt to “smile” for it. Don’t know where she learned that craziness; certainly not from me.   So instead I said, “How ’bout just look serious at it.” Which she effortlessly obliged.

Best wishes this weekend to those of you celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday — or Baba’s Day, as we do in our household. I got an iron griddle and a spatula and a pancake mixing bowl last year, pretty much the best possible Baba’s Day gift I could imagine.  This year, I can imagine something even more luxurious, more blessed: another morning’s opportunity to use them on these people, after waking up to them and my beloved.

That, right there, is the moon and back.

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  1. dykeevolution June 19, 2009 at #

    Love this. Happy Baba’s Day to you!

  2. Blazer June 19, 2009 at #

    Happy Baba’s Day Polly!

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