Lesbian Dad

Another one for the MacGyverism file

“Straw– went– in. Straw– went– in.” So went the plaintive cry from the back seat. “She probably pulled it out. Just throw it away,” said the frequently impatient–but boy is she productive!–Other Parent, as she exited the vehicle for speed-errand #7 in a series.

“Heh heh” sez I, knowing a mini adventure when I see one. All that was needed:

    a mini-flashlight,
    a pocket Leatherman,
    a small surgical incision in the orifice of the soy milk straw hole, and
    three patient minutes.

O, the simple joys.

(Wanna know all the problems solved by MacGyver, and how? Yep, you guessed it: Wikipedia has ’em listed.)

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