How would you describe your feminism in one sentence?

The exceedingly smart Aussie feminists have been answering the above question  and others online since October of last year, thanks to the woman who writes at Blue Milk (tag line: thinking + motherhood = feminist).   She’s been collecting the answers here, and she’s got a page of germane statements on the topic of feminist motherhood by various bright lights at her page,  About feminist mothers.

I ran across a recent response to her questions by an ever so clever lesbian mum, and I wanted to direct your attention to it, since one of my primary goals here is to provide proper nutrition for ever so clever lesbian mums (and them what love ’em).  Fly My Pretty (you’ll be missing something if you don’t take note of her URL) has said many intriguing things, some of which I can’t help but quote below (the better to tempt you over to her post):

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