4 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 07.07.07”

  1. LOVE your pictures!!! Your kids are just beautiful!!

    If she’s anything like my daughter, as soon as backs are turned, the mascara wand would be meticulously placed just as those she’s watched, in her hot little hand.

    I did the SAHM thing for two years. I have a new respect for moms who stay home full-time. I’ve only recently found your blog, and I’ve found myself nodding an awful lot while reading of your time at home with them.

    It’s such a cliche, I know, but it really is the toughest job you’ll ever love.

    I look forward to continued reading 🙂

    Best of luck!!

  2. My children have never witnessed what the little monkey is witnessing in this picture. We might have to ship our kids to your house should they decide to wear…um…mascara (am I right?).

  3. Thank you useless_rambler. And you are so right. As tough as it ever gets — and when it’s tough, it can be really trying — I love love love it. It helps if you’re a people person, I’m sure. What with kids being people and all. Best of luck to you, too, on your continuing journey (with five! yowza!).

    And Vikki: yes! Evidently, mascara is “a cosmetic used to darken, thicken and define eyelashes,” (sez Wikipedia). You are welcome to send either or both of your kids over here for “femme camp,” but all face decoration lessons will be accompanied by commentary by the head mistress, who, as a theater professional and a feminist, regards this stuff as optional fun.

  4. My little monkey really doesn’t like it when I wear earrings or lipstick or put on contacts, all of which happen only about once or twice a month. Why? Because I wear those things when I’m leaving her to go out on a date with her Baba, or leaving her for some big important work meeting. They must signify that my attention (and intention) is elsewhere.

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