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Forgot the “G”

Wish the omission in the packing/to do list title was a joke. Like I wish the level at which my brain functions these days was a joke. Alas, it is not.

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Weekend bonus shot, 03.29.08

Hand, Berkeley, CA.

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Peanut’s eye view

Sister looms large. Pace setter, lead dog. “This way!” “Like this!”
Not for ever, but surely for now.

Not such a bad gig, so long as it lasts. For either of them.
Or so it seems.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

The girlie must have been watching Britney Spears on YouTube behind my back. I give you Exhibit A, below, right: what the lil’ monkey hath wrought, aided and abetted by her artsy crafty scissors. Yes, that’s her hair. Correction, was her hair.

IMG_4101.JPGI didn’t freak out after her first bout with the shears. That is, after I knew what had happened. I’d been distracted by feeding her brother, and went to check in on her at her “art table,” where a suspicious quiet had fallen. I asked her how she was doing, and lovingly began to pet her head, when her hair began to come out in clumps in my hands.

Quite naturally I was spooked. “Yegods! Cancer?!! Chemical attack?!! Homespun curse from a grudge-bearing preschool enemy?!! Dammit, girl, would it kill you to share the Polly Pocket Dolls?!! Look what happens!!” Then I saw her scissors on her art table, and some tell-tale evidence in the way of yet more hair.

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A lesson from my nephew

E.U.P. • February 27, 1995 — March 24, 2005.

Muted backstory here (towards the end). Care for musical accompaniment? Reader Chumpy posted this link to Joby Talbot’s “Cumulonimbus” the other day, which conveys, at least to me, a sense of grateful wonder, of “a bride married to amazement.”

“When Death Comes”
by Mary Oliver
from New and Selected Poems

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