Lesbian Dad


Sunset over the Gate, the autumnal version, Berkeley, CA. This happens a handful of times a year, the sun behind the gate, on its northward and southward sweeps. Darn tootin’ my kids are going to know how special it is.

Fall Guy

Fall, the hinge season: time of transition, from warm to chilly, from preferred (by many) to tolerated (by most).  Longer, pleasant days give way to shorter, often less pleasant ones. So-called because leaves fall from trees, which image–leaf separating from tree, doing so in obedience to the inexorable pull, life’s

Summer idyll 5: trial/error

Testing the waters, Fallen Leaf Lake, CA. His Mama will strip to her skivvies and dive into any body of water she sees, with reckless disregard for the proximity of its temperature to that of a proper bath. Even if the body of water is at 6,377 feet above sea

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