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A tale about a tale

This week, the lil’ monkey’s preschool is on vacation. As evidenced by the yawning gaps between posts, I find myself with a bit more childcare on my hands. In between our many trips to the zoo, the arboretum, the natural history museum, the botanical garden, the planetarium, and the Museum

A Dottie tribute

[Ed note: the following dada narrative was dictated by the lil’ monkey to the beloved, who faithfully recorded it verbatim. Wee book making, with dictated narration to accompany illustrations, has become a favorite pastime. So far, the booklets — note pad-sized pages, stapled together — have been in dialog with

Great moments in kid lit (1)

“Miss Moppet ties up her head in a duster, and sits before the fire.” In honor of Children’s Book Week, I inaugurate an occasional series. This is from Beatrix Potter’s Miss Moppet, and the most astute commentary I can offer is, “Huh?”

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