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Greetings, Babble folk

Greetings folk coming to visit from Babble, and thank you Babble editors for naming this blog one of this year’s Top 50 Dad Blogs! I  consider many of the other bloggers on that list friends and colleagues, and am honored to be recognized alongside them. Together I think this generation


I am thinking about my sister today.   This February, three days before her eldest son’s birthday, it’ll mark three years that my sister’s and my relationship transformed fundamentally.  Estrangement: not of my choosing, but neither could I prevent or remedy it; as such things likely are, the causes are


Scattered notes in attempt to pull together threads and make sense. The day after the school shootings (I have such a very hard time even typing the more accurate term, “massacre”) in Newtown, CT, we went to Mark Morris’ The Hard Nut, a romp which makes it difficult to sit through

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