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The Twelve Days of BlogHer ’12: 12


Subway car in motion, New York, New York.

Thus beginneth a twelve-day photo series counting down to BlogHer ’12, because: hey! It’s a way to keep on posting!

Commentary on this image: whenever possible, which now means whenever I don’t have a work engagement which entails my being sped to midtown with a pile of workmates in a van, I vastly prefer the subway. Number one, it’s downright American to take public transport. Me and Walt Whitman, another fine American gay person, love the people (“In all people I see myself/ none more and not one a barleycorn less” sez he, in “Song of Myself”), and we love the opportunity to mix and mingle with them. And, when it’s a trafficky time of day, it feels like it’s faster than above ground transport anyhow.

Also? Can’t beat the price.

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