Lesbian Dad

PB moustache

Compare with Squash goatee, of about a year and a half ago, for a quickie blast from the past. Double his lifetime later, he’s so sophisticated now. So debonair. So — hey! Is that a stinky diaper I smell?

Gitcher handy-dandy CA progressive voter guide here

“Here” being actually “over there,” there being Courage Campaign. Image takes you to Courage Campaign’s page, their PDF link direct to you here. The PDF download lists who’s for and against the various California propositions on the ballot, and includes a brief synopsis along with Courage Campaign’s recommendations. John in Sacramento,

Face-making place-holder

Face-making at DadDad’s place. Is this a several days late post for Dana’s Blogging for LGBT Families Day? Alas, it is not. I had one, a several days late post for Blogging for LGBT Families Day, or BFLGBTFD as I like to call it.  But the ether ate it. That

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