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Dental jam

What’s wrong with this picture? The smiling kid. Okay he looks like he’s smirking, but that’s because he was watching funny cartoon figures doing the Cabbage Patch, and he thought they were kind of phoning in their performance. Never have I seen a first dental visit go smoother, except in

20 questions for: Amie Klempnauer Miller (1 of 2)

I had the great good fortune of chatting yesterday afternoon with Amie Klemplnauer Miller, author of She Looks Just Like You: A Memoir of (Nonbiological Lesbian) Motherhood, published this spring by Beacon (and reviewed last month by Dana at Mombian). It is the first full-length memoir about non-bio lesbian motherhood.

Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 06.14.10

Bouncing boy, Berkeley, CA. Baba’s Day’s coming up! For anyone casting around for a last minute gift for the Baba of their children, or what have you, here’s a gratuitous and 11th hour reminder of the poorly organized, haphazardly stocked Lesbian Dad Cafe Press shop.  If I wasn’t already angling

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