Weekend bonus shot, 07.25.09


LGBTQ “Birds of a Feather” lunch table at the BlogHer convention, Chicago, IL.

BlogHer/Chicago 09 Dispatch #4. This looks worse than it really was. No, the LGBTQ table at BlogHer did not host just one lone, sad diner (me). It was a whole tableful of garrulous gals, chit-chattin’ and crackin’ each other up and whatnot. I’m just a hella slow eater.

Note to any LGBTQ BlogHer folks — or even LGBTQ bloggin’ Chicagoans a-readin,’ — we’re going to brunch at the West Egg Café tomorrow morning at 9. Check this LesbianFamily.org post for further details, RSVP even so we know if we need to get there early to get a large party on the waitlist (no reservations).

‘Mornin, Chicago*


[*Update: now with new & improved “live Tweets” of the Keynote mentioned below. For the Tw-illiterate, you need to go to the very bottom of the string of Tweets (Twats, Twits) and read upward. But it ends with a pair of my favorite Twits/Twats/Tweets ever.]

BlogHer/Chicago 09 Dispatch #3. I decided for both of these pictures, for purposes of propriety, to exclude the hoo-ha in the hotel room in the foreground.  You know: the garter belts, the handcuffs, the empty JD bottles on their sides, the model release forms.  The stuff of bloggery.

I’ll try to “live Tweet” the keynote this morning with Donna Byrd (the Root.com), Tina Brown (the Daily Beast), Ilene Chaiken (the L word etc.). Over here.

  • Live Twit/Twat/Tweet of the BlogHer Keynote, 25 July 2009:
  • Tina Brown, Donna Byrd, & Ilene Chaiken 
  • interviewed by Lisa Stone.
  • (To be read bottom to top.)
  • Yes, it was in service of a larger point, about marketing saturation etc. But I got a little, shall we say, *frisson* as I told her.
  • I would like now to brag to the LesboTwitoVerse that I told Ilene Chaiken TO HER FACE that I don’t watch her show & never did.

    Read more‘Mornin, Chicago*

‘Night, Chicago


BlogHer/Chicago 09 Dispatch #2. Yes, it’s the view from my room, on the 31st floor in the air, thankyouverymuch. I think about Joni Mitchell’s song “The Arrangement” every time I press the button in the elevator. (Thanks to the Know It All Brother-In-Law swinging me his frequent traveller points, without which I’m pretty sure I’d be on no floor at all ‘cept a Chicago friend’s.)