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Four critters I am highly unlikely to want to divorce my spouse and up and marry, if indeed my marriage to my spouse is recognized as legal.

What do a goat, a tucan, a turtle, and a fish have in common?  They’re things Bill O’Reilly thinks folks will rush out and want to marry, if same-sex marriage is widely recognized as legal.  No, really, I’m so not kidding.  

I know, he actually has suggested a goat, a duck, a turtle, and a dolphin, but I haven’t gotten my kids a duck or a dolphin figurine yet. Though of course now they’re lookin’ kinda good to me.

Have the stomach/sense of humor for more? Also up today is Pam Spaulding’s “The ‘best of’ batsh*t anti-marriage talking heads.” Not for the faint of heart, or those with an aversion to the phrase “Mark my words…” followed by hellfire and brimstone proclamations that make my kids’ odd flights of fancy sound perfectly reasonable.

Do I think derision is going to be the finest way for this whole conversation to move to the most humane point? No, not at all.  But in the cliff-hangery final week(s) before the California Supreme Court decision on Prop 8, some occasional levity is in order.  Plus, I want to pass this stuff on, because (a) it helps to know the extremes to which the conversations gets, on national media networks and from the mouths of very well-publicized folks, and (b) if marriage equality goes coast-to-coast in a generation, all the good goats will be spoken for!  Now go out and make some memories, people!


[It’s A month o’ photos at LD. Here for words only? Please check back in June 1.]

All in God’s Family

Yeah, yeah, I’m cheating here. Not even two weeks into a purportedly no-prose/ all-photo month and  I’m already sneaking in a few newsy posts. Forgive me. From the COLAGE (Children of Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) News Blog a few days back:


Leading organizations partner to make faith communities more welcoming of LGBT people

All in God’s Family: Creating Allies for Our LGBT Families is a joint project of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Institute for Welcoming Resources, COLAGE and Family Equality Council. Debuted this week, this multimedia curriculum will go a long way in providing the necessary tools to make faith communities affirming of LGBT people and their families.

All in God’s Family includes concrete tools to educate faith leaders, including a step-by-step guide to supporting LGBT families of faith and tools for facilitating group learning, community dialogue, Bible study and community action planning to highlight LGBT families in our communities. Additionally, the curriculum includes Families Like Mine, a book about adults with LGBT parents written by Abigail Garner, whose father is gay; and two COLAGE visibility resources – the youth-produced documentary “In My Shoes: Stories of Youth” with LGBT Parents and a CD containing the phototext exhibit “That’s So Gay: Portraits of Youth with LGBT Parents.”

“For youth and adults with LGBTQ parents, finding a faith community where your family is respected and reflected can be a challenge,” says Meredith Fenton, COLAGE program director. “COLAGE is pleased to be a partner on All in God’s Family: Creating Allies for our LGBT Families and invites your faith community to use these tools to move beyond acceptance to full inclusion and celebration of LGBTQ families.”

All in God’s Family: Creating Allies for Our LGBT Families can be acquired for a suggested donation of $50.00. As a special promotion, the first 50 congregations to request the curriculum will receive it for free. All in God’s Family: Creating Allies for Our LGBT Families can be acquired at www.WelcomingResources.org.

Action Alert: Support Safe Schools in Alameda*

[Update: I wasn’t able to go (solo caregiver all eve; it’s audition week in the beloved’s theater work life).  But I did find a comment on the event, on the Alameda Journal Blog, a blog that covers life in Alameda, that discussion on the topic has been extended to next Monday, May 18, at 6:30 pm at Will C. Wood Middle School’s Multipurpose Room. Speakers who signed up to speak last night but couldn’t will be given first priority.  

Will C. Wood Middle School is at 420 Grand Street in Alameda (Google map here). 

This should enable enough time to make arrangements for those of us who have younger kids & need to square away the childcare. I wouldn’t expect to speak, as a non-Alamedan.  But as a life-long resident of Alameda County, and a product of its public schools, K-16, I’d like to support those Alameda residents there lobbying for safe schools and anti-bullying efforts.]

I just got this: please pass the word on to anyone in the East Bay supportive of safe schools.

Image: Take Action     

Save Safe Schools in Alameda


This evening, the school board is hearing public comment on their new proposed elementary school curriculum that promotes respect for family diversity and gender non-conforming youth.

Tuesday, May 12
6:30 p.m. 

Alameda City Hall 2263 Santa Clara Avenue 
(at Oak Street)


Dear LD:

Our allies in Alameda Unified School District need your support!

This evening, the school board is hearing public comment on their new proposed elementary school curriculum that promotes respect for family diversity and gender non-conforming youth.

The curriculum, featuring GroundSpark’s incredible film, That’s A Family! has been proposed after 2 years of meetings between elementary school educators, staff, and community members.

While the new bias and bullying prevention lessons have broad community support, recent communications from conservative organizations are telling us that they plan on showing up in full-force to this meeting. We know that it only takes one meeting of vocal protesters to threaten this valuable work.

The Alameda school board needs to hear your voice to remind them why LGBT-inclusive education is important to our communities! While families still mourn the suicides of 11 year old students due to anti-gay bullying, we need to make sure the same thing does not happen here!

The school board meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12, at the Alameda City Hall (2263 Santa Clara Avenue at Oak Street), with this issue on the agenda for 8 p.m. Please consider joining the meeting to voice your support for efforts to ensure all of our youth are safe at school! Residents of Alameda and families in the school community are especially encouraged to attend!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions in the next 24 hours.

In solidarity,

Geoff Kors
Executive Director
Equality California