How environmental awareness and lesbian parenthood are connected


For me personally, basically two ways: kid #1 and kid #2, seen above doing collaborative improv music-making this morning before elder of the kids went off to preschool.  In a kid-carrier pulled behind a bike.  We’re trying.  

Basically, I worry a ton more about the planet’s condition when they reach adulthood than I do about their family being legally recognized and socially understood.  Which says a lot, since I worry, fret, and try to do something daily to get their family legally recognized and socially understood.

Truly, one of the things that irks me the most about all social injustice, everywhere, is that the waging of it, which of course then necessitates the dismantling of it, all redirects vital energy from the very, very pressing matter of keeping the frickin’ planet from collapse in another generation.

So we’re forced to multi-task, while the clock is ticking on the planet. Loudly.

[The relationship between social inequity and environmental degradation, by the way, is a big fat  given.]

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Marriage Equality and Religion: The MA Experience

Posted to YouTube yesterday by Empire State Pride Agenda, with the following description:

One of the most dominant myths used by forces opposed to marriage equality is that allowing same-sex couples to marry would somehow negatively affect religious institutions or apply restrictions to their freedom to worship as they choose.

Although this myth is patently false, that has not stopped some opponents from using the claim to lead people to believe their religious freedom is in danger. Fortunately, in New York, we do not need to speculate on how religious institutions, spiritual life and the freedom to worship will be affected if the state passes a law allowing same-sex couples to marry. New York needs only to look to our neighbor to the east, Massachusetts — where marriages for same-sex couples have been legal since 2004 — to see that the worries about such a law negatively impacting people of faith have been unfounded.

[H/t the NCLR Blog.]

Masculinity in crisis

[Photo: Front door of Jaheem Herrera’s apartment, by Curtis Comption, Atlanta Journal-Constitiution]

If the second 11 year-old boy in two weeks to commit suicide over bullying does not tell us that masculinity is in a state of profound crisis, what will?

From Pam’s House Blend: “Another Sad Suicide…”

A DeKalb County mother discovers her fifth grade son dead. He used a belt to hang himself from a bedroom closet. The family said the boy was bullied by classmates.

Pam notes that Fox journalists omitted reference to anti-gay taunts, but “other news outlets stated that the boy complained about being called gay and the mother confirmed this fact in a video interview.” (link to a Fox story here, which includes video of the mother’s interview, via Pam’s post).

Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was only just buried a week ago.

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