Lesbian Dad

What you like to see when you sneak up on your kids

We’ve turned a corner.  He is now “mock reading” alongside his sister.  They spend minutes on end like this. Sure, he’s also still running around in circles, slapping his behind, chanting “shakeyabooty.”  More frequently than I would like, he succumbs to his temptation to try to swat the cat.  He

Stumping for some friends

So I’ve been in not so fine fettle lately.  I could go on about my woes (have done so in a sentence or three following that first one, multiple times, and fortunately for all of us I keep scootching the cursor back over them in fits of discretion). Really they

Weekend bonus shot, 01.10.09

Squirrel watching with the special cousins, Berkeley, CA. After our traditional first-Sunday-of-the-year brunch with the special aunt, uncle, and cousins (who?), we watched a squirrel shimmy up a pole on our porch and lower itself down onto the bird feeder (thus) and, more impressively, cantilever itself over to the bird feeder

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