A lesfam primer

In Child of the Week, my Blogging for LGBT Families post the other day, I shared a wee bit of the excitement and trepidation that has been stalking me through the our daughter’s first preschool year. I divulged no details about her actual experience there, mind you (which has been just ducky), or our actual reception by the staff and community there (warm, welcoming, appreciative). It was my worries I charted, along with my desire to be of use to everyone who is a part of our daughter’s life.

Among other things, I mentioned having sent a note to fellow parents, in anticipation of our daughter’s being in the spotlight last week as “Child of the Week.” A few readers asked after it, and so, expunged of names — ours and the preschool’s — I’ve included it here. Is it a study in oversharing? Sure. Kicking in an open door? Maybe. Hopefully. But there might be a few chunks here and there that may usable by some of you who are likewise inclined toward the educational. That, or we could compare and contrast how we each do or would go about tossing flower petals on the paths ahead of our kids.

For my part, until I find that it’s backfiring, I fear I will consistently err on the overly informative rather than the underly. I should say, until I find that it’s backfiring, or until the kids get old enough to throw in their two cents, or even lunge at the keyboard before I click the “send” button on another mass email to their peers’ parents.

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