17th of 20

IMG_0751.JPG copy

After the bath (2); taken circa September last year. After the bath (1) now residing at Flickr, here.

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  1. Shereen May 28, 2008 at #

    Wow. Your daughter really is breathtakingly beautiful. There’s something of an ethereal, flying vibe to this photo.

  2. LesbianDad May 29, 2008 at #

    Thanks; I think so too. Neat how people look so different upside-down. Alas, someone noted there might be another vibe to it altogether, so it is now relocated over to the Flickr holding pen, visible to Friends and Family there. Better censorious than sorry, I always say. Write me if you’d like to be “befriended,” or send me a note via Flickr if you’re already a Flickrite.

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