Other people’s Mother’s Day posts we like

Since I’m not doing one this year (alas), I’m acting as directional signpost. I’m hoping that Blogging for LGBT Families Day may take up some of the Mother’s Day thematic slack for me when I’m back to my regularly scheduled publication practices. (By the way, Vikki, does this count? A non-post post?)

What I want to do here is clue you into something from Harlyn Aizley: Who’s Your Mama? Very much worth reading, as is everything she writes, I’m sure including shopping lists. It’s first appearing at the Beacon Broadside, a blog they run for their authors. Harlyn, of Are You My Mothers? fame, was editor for Confessions of the Other Mother, which Beacon published. (Her other book, Buying Dad: One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor, was published by Alyson Books).

Anybody else write something you like, on the occasion of Mother’s Day? Let us know, in the comments.

Now back to work.

5th of 20

[It’s a month o’ photos; no prose. Words froze due to work woes. Come June, back it flows.]Chuck’s got nothin’ on her. Okay, so maybe he does, but he has a lot more practice. At least she can accurately identify most of the instruments pictured in the book. Try that, Chuck!

The Philharmonic Gets Dressed is a current fave. Highly recommended, with the caveat that I keep having to ad lib a coupla mannish lesbians getting dressed in men’s duds (all 105 orchestra members are tracked from their showers to their dressing up to their subway rides to Philharmonic Hall; it’s pants for the mens, dresses for the womens, and the devil — that would be me and my cross-dressing kin — take the hindmost).

It’s a familiar routine, though. She’s quite well aware how un/underrepresented our family structure and her Baba’s gender are, in most of the media we consume. And she’s also learning first-hand how you re-write whatever it is you’re reading, so as to push yourself from margin to center. Her future English teachers are hereby forewarned: free thinkin’ maverick chick, coming down the pike!