Pomo hi-jinx and an econ riddle


Pictured above: a media tongue-twister. A photograph, displayed on a blog, of a media playback device displaying a photograph, which appeared on a blog. Which photograph, by the way, only exists digitally. Unless and until I (or anyone else, for that matter) downloads and prints it. The moment it “captures” came and went in a blink, but I suspect that it remains in my daughter’s head still. Hopefully, some of the value of the image lies in the universality of that moment. Though it was conveyed by a specific for instance.

Now what does any of this palimpsest of representation mean? Nuttin’ in particular. Necessarily. But the “internet in your pocket” device featured in that media tongue-twister above does get me to pondering: is meaning (its depth, its value, its integrity, etc.) affected by the E-Z accessibility of its age-old conveyances (images and words, i.e.)? Per usual, I’m of two minds: part of me thinks no, part of me thinks yes.

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