Weekend bonus shot, 08.11.07

Sleeping baby (2), Berkeley, CA.

8 Responses to Weekend bonus shot, 08.11.07

  1. AllieGreenhouse August 12, 2007 at #


  2. LesbianDad August 12, 2007 at #

    Thank you!

  3. librarygrrrl August 13, 2007 at #

    what an impossibly beautiful baby! his little lips make me want to go out and procure some means of makin’ one of them… 🙂

  4. IrreverendAmy August 13, 2007 at #

    You know someone has reached the pinnacle of human beauty when a photo looking right up his nose is gorgeous. What a beautiful son you have.

  5. LesbianDad August 13, 2007 at #

    librarygrrrl: Tell me about it! It’s hard not to chew them right off.

    IrreverendAmy: That comment got me chuckling out loud for minutes on end! Thank you.

  6. rreagler August 13, 2007 at #

    What an absolutely beautiful child.

  7. Blue Ox August 15, 2007 at #


  8. LesbianDad August 15, 2007 at #

    Many thanks, you two. I stand back next to you and nod my head in wonder. Fresh life, nothing like it.

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