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(Brief) notes on Camp


No, not what you think. Susan Sontag’s legendary essay will stand unamended by this wee filing, which is instead a stolen out-breath following the close of our girlie’s first summer camp. [And yes, another weekend went by without a photo posting; it was preceded by another week in which the S.S. LD continued to rock around in frothy waters.  Which is to say that adequate space and time in which to do this here remains juuuuust out of reach, even as I see the where and when of its return on the horizon. Thanks for sticking around during this wet/dry time.]

À la Sontag’s camp notes, I’ll number these. Probably won’t get to 58, though. Which of course is good for both of us.

1. Girlie’s camp was FANTASTIC; she was a zealous fanatic about it within about a half a week.

2. They didn’t tell me she was going to grow up some more during it, though. Such as, during an overnight sleepover.

3. No, I didn’t position myself behind a moveable bush outside where she was sleeping. Though I threatened to.

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Night Fliers a-flyin’

Night Fliers, the debut feature film by Bay Area screenwriter, producer, and director Sara St. Martin Lynne, is out and about making waves on the festival circuit.  It’s a “poignant film about a gender nonconforming teen and her friends finding their way in a small CA rural town,” and I can’t wait to see it.

Tonight at 7pm it’s being screened at Berkeley’s Elmwood Theater in a fund-raiser for Our Family Coalition, the Bay Area’s can-do, kick-arse LGBT family organization.  Event info here at its Facebook page and via Our Family Coalition.

I am trying to find a way to be there, but may not be able to manage it (haaaaaarrrrrrgh!). Locals, get childcare (if you need to) and get thee hither! You get to meet and talk with the director and actors afterwards, and support OFC in the process. When it’s all abuzz at Sundance and optioned for major nationwide distribution, you can say, “I saw it first!”

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One day my girl will be too big for a swing


Soon. But not yet.

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Weekend bonus shot, 07.18.10

Explorers, Berkeley, CA.

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Doors of mystery

What happened to the week? Tech week, that’s what happened to the week.  So many things in the wide world to think and talk about, but alas. Duty called. And called. And never stopped calling.

Mama’s opening a show tonight, and what that means is that the household has not seen her all week. Only slightly exaggerating.  Those familiar with the ways of the theater will know that tech week is like a collegiate final exams Hell Week, times a million.  Certainly with more drama.

By now, those of us left abandoned by tech week approach it with a game, can-do attitude. For me this translates into: anything goes. Will it help pass the time? Good, we’re doing it! Might it take their mind off the vaguely un-plugged feeling that’s haunting them? Alrighty then!

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