Lesbian Dad

The next generation of voters and policy-influencers

Youthful Pridegoers, San Francisco, CA. Another in an ongoing trickle of images from San Francisco’s 43 Annual LGBT Pride Parade on Sunday, June 30th.  I always ask people before I take a picture that includes their face, and I always always ask young people. What I loved about the gal who’s

Happy Dependent’s Day

Sign greeting patrons at Local 123 Cafe post-SCOTUS, Berkeley, CA. On the Twitter the day the US Supreme Court handed down its historic marriage equality decisions, local chum Heather Flett (of Rookie Mom fame) sent not just her congratulations, but an offer to treat me to whatever felt treat-y. A

Multi-issue guy

Multi-issue guy, 43rd Annual LGBT Pride, San Francisco, CA. In the absence of enough time to write up the big ole events of the past week, an ongoing trickle of photos. This chap made an impact on the kids, such that even today, two days after Pride, they still fondly

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