Whose shoes is whose? Or, find the lesbian!


After the merriment of my first blogular jelly bean count thingy, in which I promised a t-shirt to the person who could most accurately guess the number of pictures I took of my infant son in a twenty-minute spree, I vowed to do it again sometime, when I was duly inspired.

Well I have been duly inspired, and here’s the challenge: the image above pictures two shoes, one worn by a non-lesbian dad (that would be Looky, Daddy!), the other worn by a lesbian dad (that would be me). Guess whose shoes is whose! Over the next week (like, ’til midnight this coming Sunday, June 10) I’ll be fielding your guesses.

Since I can’t actually afford to send T-shirts to every correct guess (or both correct guesses? by both you regular readers?), I’m going to make it a hair more complicated with this twist: Guess the locale of the photo! (Hint: somewheres on the isle of Manhattan; you can take a stab at blocks, or landmarks, or what have you, but be as specific as you can. I.e., nothing huge like “Lower East Side” or something.)

Friends & family who’ve been regaled with travel stories & already know where we went, sorry! No can play! Otherwise, everyone can play! But only one lucky player can win!

To the person who (a) accurately guesses whose shoes is whose, and (b) comes the closest to the locale where the image was taken, I will send their choice of either

    • this timeless favorite, the “One of My Moms is Blogging This” infant or toddler t-shirt, for your kiddle; or

    • your choice from among these fine “love my daddies” items; or

    • this here omni-applicable “Love Child” t-shirt which will make all LGBT parents smile in solidarity, regardless of how old-school or new-school (i.e. straight or queer) your family make-up is; or finally, for the literate crowd,

    • a copy of the highly acclaimed, Lambda Literary Award finalist volume, Confessions of the Other Mother.

I’m not certain whether a demand for lesbian dad schwag will ever emerge, but if ever it does, you can rest assured that I will churn it out and feature it in upcoming Nonsense fun fests like this. I already have a bumper sticker idea, from our Donor Chum: “My other mama’s a baba!”

And these are only nine of ’em

Big babyrama
Make your own wall o’ pix using this nifty interface here.

These were taken nearly a week ago in a veritable orgy of redundant portraiture. It was the first time his eyes were open a significant number of minutes on end, and before midnight, a time when I am (a) capable of focussing on objects as small as his eyes, and (b) capable of being happy they’re open, period.

How many images can a baby-drunk parent actually take in a — here, let me check — yep, in a twenty minute span, one might ask? You guess!

I will entertain guesses from both you regular readers up until, oh, let’s say 11:59 SATURDAY NIGHT (Feb 3). Whichever of your guesses comes the closest to the number of pictures I managed to take in that twenty minute portrait orgy wins a prize! I will purchase and have sent to you your very own “One of my moms is blogging this” t-shirt (or bib, or whatever) from Mombian.

If you’re the lucky winner but aren’t a lesbian mom blogger, well, I suggest you meet one, and give her this t-shirt as a delightful and unexpected gift. If you really can’t find a way to meet a lesbian parent anywhere (and we really are everywhere; the most recent census established that we’re in 99.3% of American counties), I might consider swapping your lesbo mom blogging product for a copy of this critically acclaimed, edifying book by and about lesbo mums such as myself.

Meanwhile, I have to note that those images above are sooo one week ago. He’s way grown up now that he’s, like, two weeks old. As evidenced below, receiving the umpteen gazillionth kiss of the day from his big sis:

Umpteen gazillionth kiss of the day

[Addendum: And the winner is…]