Corn prone


Lil’ monkey traipsing alongside the cornfield at Earthbound Farms, Carmel Valley, CA.

We stopped at Earthbound Farms on the way out of town. Yes, that Earthbound Farms. Unfortunate e coli outbreak notwithstanding, they have a chamomile labyrinth (shed your shoes before you tread the path and your happy feet will be thanking you for hours!), a Kid’s Garden, and a corn field maze you can (usually, but not the hour we were there) run around in.  Good thing I have steadfastly avoided Stephen King movies, elsewise I’d have had to send the kids in unaccompanied. Had the maize maze been available.

Promptly upon return home after a week away, both kids came down with the curse that swept the beloved’s summer theater cast and her and the better part of Northern California/ the nation. Maybe H1N1-lite, maybe just a touch of influenza. But they’ve been sick in stereo, feverish, sluggish, and, when the heat of the afternoon was at its greatest, plastered to my body, looking for a way to crawl into my stomach via my belly button.  Nights they’ve been waking the beloved hourly, last night the big one came and flopped in our bed and then commenced flopping around. As sick kids are wont to do.

Thus the light posting post-return to Internet Access.

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