A Baba’s Day pictorial

Herewith, this year’s Baba’s Day — not all of it, but much of its highlights — in 20 (!) pictures. With a few explanatory/riffy captions beneath each one.

[For posterity, I should note that a coupla years back I made a Baba’s Day proclamation, which holds true for this year and any other one to boot.]

Our day began with breakfast in bed, but I’m not including images of that here because Baba (a) doesn’t like her likeness splashed all over the internet that much, plus (b) Jiminy Crickets I need a haircut.  So we jump to the moment above, where a brilliant bright day beckons us to one of the world’s finest cities, espied from one of the word’s most scenic approach bridges. The work-a-day Bay Bridge doesn’t get the glam attention that the Golden Gate does (see it? off there to the right? through the windshield schmutz?), but it performs a vital service: it brings much of the city’s workers over and back, daily (the poor schmucks not hep to the subway under the bay), and it affords all us Bay Areans a breathtaking view of our City’s downtown, Russian Hill,  and wharfs from the east.

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