Lesbian Dad

It’s Lezzy VOTING time!

We interrupt the delivery of actual content here to draw your attention to The Lezzys, by which I don’t mean the legions upon legions of us sisters of Sappho.  You are paying attention to one right this very minute, and you are at liberty to search out more of us

Some/thing old

[First in a series for Robin Reagler’s Freedom to Marry Week blog carnival, Some/thing oops! What About Love] You want old? Old was what my dad was when, over a dozen years after we’d held a weepy-exuberant commitment ceremony in a botanical garden across the bay, my beloved and I


Musical accompaniment courtesy Mr. Louis Armstrong. Okay so the “so sweet, so cold, so fair” part is a bit of an exaggeration.  I mean, they’re clammy, yes, but not cold. Certainly not in the sense implied.  I do feel a bit like an infirmary worker, I will say that much.

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