You read me! You really read me!*

LezziewinnerThank you one and all for bestowing up on this humble assemblage of Lesbo Bon Mots the honor of Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog 2008! Last year a bride’s maid, this year a bride! Last year a GROOMSMAN, this year a groom!

I must say that while I have great respect for the other finalist blogs, Irreverent Mother and Up Popped a Fox, and while the thought of trying to trounce an old chum (that would be the sly Fox) made me roil around in personal turmoil, still, I tried, witnessed by my plugging the votevotevote jobbie at the base of every post (got that nifty idea from Bilerico, by the way, in their last Weblog Awards competition).  It’s because this honor among folks in this community matters so much.

Read moreYou read me! You really read me!*