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blue-eye2 [Staggering more than a mite behind schedule, here’s the fourth in the now completed series of Robin Reagler’s Freedom to Marry Week blog carnival, What About Love]

My daughter’s eyes are something blue indeed.  And the world she sees through them is very different than the one I see.  For the most part, this is a very good thing.

This whole Prop 8 anti-gay family battle has raged at the periphery of her vision.  (Whereas it dominated my vision to the point of blurring it, and nearly obscuring other objects present.)  Kids older than my daughter,  both during and after the campaign, had a very hard time.  Many were — and still have been — subjected to increased harassment at school.  (See Ally Action for more. ) Many saw the hateful ads on television, or overheard arguments, and began to fear that their families would be somehow be pulled apart. (See APA studies for empirical proof of the many anecdotal accounts we’ve all heard.)

This was, unequivocally, a very anti-family campaign, with very anti-family results.

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Special delivery


This year she designed and addressed all the cards, and wrote the greeting on the inside.  The outside was fairly legible, but the inside greeting was “in cursive.”  And it was a “secret message.” Which means it was all basically squiggly lines, repeated.  

If the kids open her card and start to cry, we’ll know why.  Then again, when I said, “Sweetie, don’t you think the kids will be confused?”  she replied, “They’ll understand.  It’s kids’ language.”  Check.


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