It was just yesterday

Last night at dinner, we parked the lil’ peanut in one of those table-side baby seats — the kind that people bring to clip into the sides of the tables at restaurants. In our humble digs, it’s a space-saving concession to a big high-chair. And though I was concerned at first that he’d be too young to hold himself upright in it, lo, he did. He was riveted. And the thrill on the part of his older sister was unexpected. “He’s eating with us!” she exclaimed, even though he’s been doing that since jump. It’s just that he’s been doing so on the lap of one or another of us. His own chair somehow bestowed upon him mealtime bona fides, and as we held hands around the table to sing our pre-meal song, it felt like we’d arrived at a whole new familial plateau.

The times, they just keep on a-changing.

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